Mohawk Language Mobile Apps

Hear Mohawk dialects on Tablets and Mobile Phones
Software Updates are being finalized Oct. 24th 2016 and will be available in the software stores as soon as they are available


Tap to hear Mohawk dialects on your mobile devices and smart accessories. Goals

Revive Mohawk Language Dialects


Start with basics to learn about the Mohawk dialects.

Mohawk language dialect basics include the alphabet, vowels, consonants, spelling, pronunciation guidelines, and standardizations if available.

Each new Mohawk language mobile app builds on the previous Mobile app to help students improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills


Provide easy intuitive way for fluent speakers to share their pronunciations & translations with software engineers.

Online & Offline UI to provide fast & easy way for fluent speakers to share their pronunciations, translations, and in-depth explanations about word origins & history.

Info is fast & easy to share across all communication media today and in the future.

Fluent speakers receive a portion of money from every mobile app sale.


Fast, easy, pleasant way to listen, speak, and write Mohawk language dialects.

Offline and Online features.

Social networking features to help speakers continue speaking with humans.